Monday, November 20, 2017

Monday Question Day- Auction Bidding?

Today is question day:

When it comes to auctions, how do you bid?

I prefer to wait until the last minute unless I am unavailable to make that bid in which I make my max bid and let things fall as they may. I know some people use snipping software, which I haven't gotten in to for no specific reason. I guess since I have been doing it this way since I started on eBay 17 years ago I will just keep doing it this way.

One thing that I try not to do is get caught up in a bidding war, I check recent sales as well as COMC and I set a price in my mind and stick to it. I read stories about shill bidding and I get all cautious but I have gotten caught up before on some of the more rare Griffey and Bader cards but when it happens I usually become gun shy and don't do it for awhile. 

Friday, November 17, 2017

Goldust Kiss Cards? Yes Please!

Yesterday Dustin Rhodes (AKA Goldust) posted a picture of himself doing kiss/autograph cards for a future Topps wrestling release. How freaking cool is this?

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Another Cavalcade Of Griffey Cards XV

I already had a double printed back error 1989 Upper Deck Griffey #1, I love error cards, but this one adds in the error of a mostly blank front. The front has an impression of a back on it along the left border, but the rest of the card front is blank.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Vintage Card Of The Month: 1910 L21 Leather College Pennants

 This month’s VCoM is a trilogy of 1910 L21 Leather College Pennants. The three pendants are for United States Military Academy (West Point/Army), United States Naval Academy (Annapolis/Navy) and the University of Washington.

Similar to the other tobacco cards of the era, these were inserted in to packs of American Tobacco Company packs as an incentive. I am not sure how many Universities were included but there were some interesting choices included; Reserve University, DePauw University and Mount Union University. Even though the University of Arizona was founded in 1885, 25 years before the release of this set, I am unable to find any mention of the school being included in the set which is a bummer.

I picked these three up because of how clean they are, they are in amazing condition with bright colors and no damage. It is fascinating how well the cards from this set have really held up over the years. Some of the cards are condition sensitive with the pennants where white ink was inlaid in the impressions/cuts on the leather have flaked off but the colored pennants do not seem to have the same problems. 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Gift Of Giving, And Receiving, Griffey Cards

October was a “No purchase” month for me but that didn’t mean I didn’t get new cards. I was the recipient of the Great Giving Griffey box, a traveling box of roughly 500 Griffey cards that pass from Griffey collector to Griffey collector. You receive the box, pull out what you want/need for your collection, replace the cards in the box and pass it on to another collector of The Kid. I am very appreciative that Daniel from It’s Like Having My Own Card Shop thought of me when he was ready to send the box on, thank you.

I pulled aside around 50 cards and set the stack on my desk for later while I focused on building a website for a friend. I added around 60 cards to the box, plus some customs, and sent the box on, but I didn’t get around to going through my Griffey Want List and The Beast Jr. and updating until a couple of days ago. 

Most of the cards I pulled were base cards or base inserts, gray whales, that have been sitting on my wants list for a while, so it was nice to be able to knock a bunch of those off the list. A couple cards of note are the 1991 Stadium Club membership card. I had totally forgotten about this oddity, so I couldn’t pass on adding it to my collection.

I was excited to see some of Gavin’s custom cards too, I am very glad that he made several of them to put in the box. I have one of his glow-in-the-dark custom Griffey cards that he sent me a couple of years ago but these two are new to me.

TJ, from The Junior Junkie, started the Great Giving Griffey box in 2015 using dups from his collection and it really shows how close the community can be when it comes to giving. I am sure that all those who have received the box and all those who will be receiving it are so grateful that this project was begun and still traveling.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Happy Veteran's Day

Today we celebrate all of those who have served our country proudly. Thank you for your sacrifices to ensure the freedom of our country.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Griffey Is Immortalized On My Display Shelf

The newest edition to my Ken Griffey Jr. SGA collection is the replica of the bronze statue of Griffey that is located outside of SafeCo Field. The replica statues were given out at the April 14, 2017 game and are about 6 inches tall and are made out of resin so there is some weight to it.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Panini Player Of The Day Pack Contest Winning

Near the end of October I won one of Sports Card Collectors contests for 10 packs of Panini’s NFL Player of the Day. I just received the packs, so time to rip.

The base set is made up of 30 players plus four different parallels, the Rookies set consists of 10 players plus the same four parallels and there are 50 memorabilia cards. There are also autographs but they are only available as grand prizes in shops, a national sweepstake and through Panini’s Twitter contests.

I’ll start with my Seahawks pull of Russell Wilson, who was the POD for the Week 10 2016 win over the Patriots.

For the Cardinals, I pulled David Johnson (POD Week 7 of 2016) as well as the player who replaced him when Johnson went down with an injury earlier this season, Adrian Peterson (Intro to Saints).

The Rookies backs have their highlights from college since they don't have a NFL POD 2016 game.

I would like to thank SCC and Panini for the packs.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

More Ball Family Drama, But Serious This Time

Yesterday UCLA freshman LiAngelo Ball was arrested in Shanghai, China for shoplifting. Also arrested were two other UCLA freshman, Cody Riley and Jalen Hill. The team is in China to play their season opening game against Georgia Tech when the three players were arrested for stealing from a Louis Vuitton store next to the team’s hotel.

This is a situation that LaVar Ball is not going to be able to “Talk in to happening” when it comes to working with the Chinese legal system. What many people do not seem to understand, at least it seems that on Twitter, is that just because the three are American citizens it does not mean they will be charged under American laws. This happened in China, they broke Chinese laws and will be charged and perhaps tried under those laws. I have seen more than a dozen comments along the lines of “why are people making a big deal? It’s just a misdemeanor” or “he will just get a wrist slap and sent home”. Nope, no misdemeanor and no wrist slap.

According to Amnesty International attorney William Nee the students can be detained without bail for a month, some have been held even longer, and if there is absolute proof that any of the three players did in fact shoplift they may be looking at 3-10 years in a Chinese prison.

Let’s face it, LiAngelo was going to get drafted by an NBA team just on the hopes he can play but a single bad decision in a foreign country may have derailed those plans or possibly destroyed those plans all together. He is 18 now, if he does get imprisoned, even for 3 years, is going to affect him greatly. Those are going to be 3 very tough years on him and who knows what it will do to his mind and his body.

I dislike LaVar Ball with a passion but no matter how I feel about the father, I feel bad for LiAngelo. Unfortunately, when poor decisions are made there are consequences to be paid and he is finding out that some nations make you pay different consequences than a misdemeanor and fine.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Trade Completed V- Boom...Boom...GASP!

A couple weeks back I sent a pair of 1933 Goudey baseball cards to Matt of Bob Walk The Plank. I felt that the two Pirates cards, Ray Kremer and Adam Comorosky, belong in the collection of a true Pittsburgh Pirates fan. I didn’t trade for anything specific, it was a blind trade, but he came strong with what he sent me.

Two cards from my Top 10 Wanted List:
A 2007 Donruss Madden Shaun Alexander game card.
This doesn’t seem like much but this card has been sitting on my Most Wanted List the longest, in fact, it is one of the original Top 10 cards. BOOM!
A 2011 Topps UFC Title Shot Contenders Autograph Ryan Bader.
This card has been on my list the second longest and was actually the first card to replace a card that I picked up. BOOM!

The third card is a 2014 Topps Five Star Silver Signature Edgar Martinez autograph.
In August Jon from A Penny Sleeve For Your Thoughts sent me my first Edgar relic card and now Matt hooked me up with my first Edgar autograph, and a killer card too. I love the black card and silver autograph, it looks amazing. GASP!